The future.

As we all know, Brexit is a huge topic of conversation at the moment.

However, it seems to me that nobody is actually giving a solid view; be that the general public or the politicians (being fair they were never going to commit one way or another anyway)

Unfortunately it does mean that WE, as the people, are left to suffer in the midst of absolute chaos! (Yet again)

The rich continue to be ignorant and the poor continue to be ignored (these are clearly interchangeable)

The very fact that our ‘PM’ (that nobody actually voted for) has been challenged with several votes of no confidence, should say something to either the UK itself, or the houses of parliament.

For those of you who lived through Margaret Thatcher, give the newer generation the right to choose for themselves.

For those who have only voted a few times, please make an informed decision.

Don’t be brainwashed!!

Be yourself!!!

Don’t believe everything you hear!!!

We don’t inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children.

Love you all x

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