Mexico madness

So it’s my first time to mexico. I’m thinking, Winner! 9 hour flight for the most amazing all inclusive, what’s not to love?

3 hours into the flight the air hostess says “It doesn’t matter what you drink, you have 12 hours to go!

Horror!!!! Nobody told me that!

To be fair once you’re on the plane there is no getting off it so you kind of have to suck it up!

A couple of bottles of champagne later and it’s fair to say we are tipsy and getting hungry. Unfortunately and to my complete dismay you only get fed twice on a 12 hour flight with TUI.

When enquiring with the air hostess I find out that if we want anything else it needs to be paid for! Bear in mind I flew to New York on a 7 hour flight and they constantly provided food. Such is the difference between TUI and BA.

The drinks only came round once as well so we resorted to hanging around the back of the plane to get them ourselves, when, we were told by the cabin crew (quite rudely) that we had to go back to our seats.

If I’m not going to be provided with refreshments on a ridiculously long flight, then what am I expected to do?

It was clear towards the end of the flight that the ‘hostesses ‘ were getting stressed and taking it out on the passengers, which frankly isn’t acceptable. To the point where they announced ‘you cannot have any more drinks’ to the whole plane!

In conclusion, I will never go on holiday with TUI ever again, feel free to make your own opinions xx

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  1. If they’re prepared to serve that much alcohol, they should be prepared to provide non-alcoholic beverages at least to avoid dehydration. I hope you weren’t deprived water/juice at least. That’s not really acceptable.

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