Man alive!

Another weekend, another mini drama!

I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen since July, so the plan (as always) was let’s go to the pub. Now I’m still a fan of this, however, I’m getting to the age when I quite like to stay at home in my PJ’s.

Nevertheless I painstakingly got ready (she always looks better than me, so naturally I try harder lol)

Anyway, we met up, the drinks were flowing, the conversation was great and then we decided that cocktails should be afoot.

I was thinking the cosy club or Las iguanas when, to my absolute horror, she mentions Wetherspoons! (Don’t get me wrong cheap and cheerful but, for a couple of extra quid per drink I’d like a better atmosphere)

Still, I did the friend thing and went where she wanted. (I’m not always that accommodating)

Drinks were had, cocktails were consumed and then……

There was a man!

We all know what happens in this case.

The one friend (me) was given a pity meal….(not cool) to ensure that the other friend was malleable enough to take home.

As much as I tried it was never going to be acceptable to say ‘he just won’t do’

Instead, I bungled her into a cab, gave the driver the money and of course the address.

She got home and I had to walk!

The morale of the story is to always look after your friends, but, you shouldnt put yourself in danger (Do as I say, not as i do) xxx

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  1. It is essential nowadays to watch out for your friends, with all the stories that keep popping up in the news it is scary to think what could happen. I am not pleased you walked home on your own, you should have called me and I would have ordered you an uber. Morale of the story, look after you friends and keep yourself safe.
    Love ya sweetie x

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