The future.

As we all know, Brexit is a huge topic of conversation at the moment.

However, it seems to me that nobody is actually giving a solid view; be that the general public or the politicians (being fair they were never going to commit one way or another anyway)

Unfortunately it does mean that WE, as the people, are left to suffer in the midst of absolute chaos! (Yet again)

The rich continue to be ignorant and the poor continue to be ignored (these are clearly interchangeable)

The very fact that our ‘PM’ (that nobody actually voted for) has been challenged with several votes of no confidence, should say something to either the UK itself, or the houses of parliament.

For those of you who lived through Margaret Thatcher, give the newer generation the right to choose for themselves.

For those who have only voted a few times, please make an informed decision.

Don’t be brainwashed!!

Be yourself!!!

Don’t believe everything you hear!!!

We don’t inherit the earth, we borrow it from our children.

Love you all x

Riu Vallarta. From A to V.

As you know I’ve been to mexico very recently, and stayed in the hotel Riu Vallarta.

I have stayed in loads of all inclusive hotels (Riu amongst them) in many different countries.

I was expecting really big things from them (It is mexico after all)

The arrival was fantastic (although there must have been at least 50 people checking in at the same time) they were very efficient and got everyone checked in, in around 5 minutes. This included a welcome drink of tequila (naturally) and/or lemonade.

The bell boys were going to deliver our bags to our room, we were officially in paradise.

Granted the hotel was very ‘art deco’ but the staff were amazing!

Mexico madness

So it’s my first time to mexico. I’m thinking, Winner! 9 hour flight for the most amazing all inclusive, what’s not to love?

3 hours into the flight the air hostess says “It doesn’t matter what you drink, you have 12 hours to go!

Horror!!!! Nobody told me that!

To be fair once you’re on the plane there is no getting off it so you kind of have to suck it up!

A couple of bottles of champagne later and it’s fair to say we are tipsy and getting hungry. Unfortunately and to my complete dismay you only get fed twice on a 12 hour flight with TUI.

When enquiring with the air hostess I find out that if we want anything else it needs to be paid for! Bear in mind I flew to New York on a 7 hour flight and they constantly provided food. Such is the difference between TUI and BA.

The drinks only came round once as well so we resorted to hanging around the back of the plane to get them ourselves, when, we were told by the cabin crew (quite rudely) that we had to go back to our seats.

If I’m not going to be provided with refreshments on a ridiculously long flight, then what am I expected to do?

It was clear towards the end of the flight that the ‘hostesses ‘ were getting stressed and taking it out on the passengers, which frankly isn’t acceptable. To the point where they announced ‘you cannot have any more drinks’ to the whole plane!

In conclusion, I will never go on holiday with TUI ever again, feel free to make your own opinions xx

Man alive!

Another weekend, another mini drama!

I met up with a friend that I haven’t seen since July, so the plan (as always) was let’s go to the pub. Now I’m still a fan of this, however, I’m getting to the age when I quite like to stay at home in my PJ’s.

Nevertheless I painstakingly got ready (she always looks better than me, so naturally I try harder lol)

Anyway, we met up, the drinks were flowing, the conversation was great and then we decided that cocktails should be afoot.

I was thinking the cosy club or Las iguanas when, to my absolute horror, she mentions Wetherspoons! (Don’t get me wrong cheap and cheerful but, for a couple of extra quid per drink I’d like a better atmosphere)

Still, I did the friend thing and went where she wanted. (I’m not always that accommodating)

Drinks were had, cocktails were consumed and then……

There was a man!

We all know what happens in this case.

The one friend (me) was given a pity meal….(not cool) to ensure that the other friend was malleable enough to take home.

As much as I tried it was never going to be acceptable to say ‘he just won’t do’

Instead, I bungled her into a cab, gave the driver the money and of course the address.

She got home and I had to walk!

The morale of the story is to always look after your friends, but, you shouldnt put yourself in danger (Do as I say, not as i do) xxx

Hope for humanity.

Over the weekend I was given two free tickets to see the Prodigy at the Arena in Birmingham.

Whilst I am a huge fan of the band I have never once thought to buy a ticket (being

fair, money isn’t always available)

Try as I might I couldn’t give away the second ticket so I went on my own. (There was no way I was going to miss it)

As is the case when seeing these types of bands things got a bit messy (never ideal when you’re on you’re own)

In the fray that was firestarter I realised my bag had gone missing!!! All you girls/guys out there will know how bad that is (car keys, house keys, driving license and pretty much anything you can think of, always lives in my bag)

The end of the gig arrives and the true meaning of what’s happened hits me square in the face, NO money, NO phone, NO cards. How the hell do I get home?!

So after trawling the streets of Birmingham I finally find a taxi driver that takes pity on me and very kindly drives me to Coventry (point 1 is scored for humanity) either that or I just looked really pathetic lol!

Then I realise I have no keys to get in my house! Drat! Having had a drink my mind wasn’t in the best shape but somehow I managed to get to my parents house (Thank God they haven’t moved)

The morning comes and I trudge home to wait for the locksmith to break into my house for me (It’s actually frightening how good they are)

Finally settled and warm at last, I receive an email from a girl at the gig claiming she has my bag!!

Hardly daring to believe my luck we chatted and two days later it turned up on my doorstep through the post! (Second point to humanity)

So the moral to the story is be kind and be honest and there are people out there who will be too, but, you must be prepared to pay it forwards.

I will always be grateful to that person, I will also be better myself. But, most of all, we should all go and see the Prodigy 😊😉

Travel the world.

I recently went to New York, bearing in mind I am a Coventry lass this was a massive culture difference. The buildings were huge and the taxis were plentiful, however, I found that I would have loved it so much more on my own. Surely you can relate to family holidays? Don’t get me wrong I love my bloodline but it was almost apocalyptic.

It consisted of me, my sister, my brother in law, mum and dad and our best friend.
I would suggest that the younger generation do their homework with the subways because even with google maps offline it doesn’t quite work for anyone over 50 (I’m only generalising based on personal experience so anyone over 50 that is a clever bean I apologise)
Definitely don’t eat in times square unless you are willing to be in the firing line of overworked servers, but always go to the little guy (they may seem more expensive but the food and the service is so worth it)
You should watch a Broadway show (I’m not a musical fan but it was amazing) off Broadway doesn’t mean its not on Broadway (its to do with the size of the theatre) go to a satellite office to get cheap tickets (best bet is to get the NYC ferry to wall street and walk to the office from there as they open at 11am and the one in times square doesn’t open until 3pm, they are the same shows but cheaper)
Go everywhere, do everything and enjoy your holiday, if you need any further tips give me a bell. x

First Blog Ever

Welcome to my first ever blog.

I have always been behind the times and this is no different, I am what you would call a technophobe and yet here we are!! I wanted to create this to talk to people about pretty much anything and everything. My friends are a lot smarter than me, I like to think that I’m the more practical one. I apologise in advance for the simplicity of the site but I hope you find a lot of value by reading my blogs. x

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